Missouri Secretary of State opposes stricter voter identification requirements

April 29, 2009

Anchor Intro: Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan spoke out against a proposed constitutional amendment in Columbia today. If it passed, it would require voters to show a photo ID before casting a ballot. KBIA’s Elle Moxley reports on how this change could cause problems for some voters.


Secretary of State Robin Carnahan spoke in Columbia on Tuesday about a proposed constitutional amendment to change Missouri voter identification requirements. Carnahan opposes the amendment because she says Missouri already has some of the most comprehensive voter identification regulations already.

“All of this is a complicated issue. It’s not just so easy to say that most people have a driver’s license, so why won’t this work? In Missouri, it takes at least three kinds of documents to get that one Department of Revenue ID.”

Currently, Missourians need a birth certificate, a social security card and proof of residency to obtain an ID from the Department of Revenue.

Carnahan says her office has identified as many as 230,000 registered Missouri voters who do not already have a government-issued photo ID. She says she’s worried that the expense and hassle of obtaining these supporting documents may deter some Missouri voters.

Elle Moxley, KBIA News.

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