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April 09, 2010


This is regional news coverage from the KBIA newsroom, Im Elle Moxley.

Motorists on U.S. Highway 63 will have to slow down within the Columbia city limits starting next week. Signs reflecting the new 65 mile per hour speed limit could go up as early as Monday. The Missouri Department of Transportation says the new speed limit will take effect as soon as these signs are installed. The changes will impact the section of 63 between Route AC and Route B.

MoDOT decided to lower the speed limit after conducting a speed study. The City of Columbia requested MoDOT lower the speed limit to help improve safety and traffic flow in the area.

The City of Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission has decided not to include equestrian access in its plan for the Gans Creek Recreation Area in southeastern Columbia. Originally, officials had included a horse sporting area as part of the 320 acre recreation area and adjacent Phillips Park property. But they scrapped the plan over concerns that riders would use the equestrian area to access the Gans Creek wildlife area.

Columbia Parks and Recreation Services Manager Mike Griggs says that there are other options for Columbia horse owners.

You know, there was always Rock Bridge, there was always Three Creeks, there was always Boone County Fairgrounds. So there were always other sites that more adequately filled those needs at the time. As Columbia grows, there could certainly be a need and a time for more equestrian use.

The city plans to build the proposed Gans Creek Recreation Center directly north of Rock Bridge State Park. Plans for the recreation area as well as Phillips Park must now go before the City Council for approval.

For KBIA News, Im Elle Moxley

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