Afternoon Newscast

March 12, 2010


This is regional news coverage from the KBIA newsroom, I’m Elle Moxley.

As the filing deadline for the Republican primary in the Boone County presiding commissioner race approaches, former state representative Ed Robb is considering throwing in his name. Robb served for two terms before losing to Democrat Chris Kelly in 2008.

Robb, a former MU economics professor, says he has experience that other candidates lack, especially in light of the region’s current budget concerns. But, he says, he doesn’t want to make the decision lightly and needs to talk it through with his wife first.

So far, no other Republicans have announced their candidacy in the primary, though two Democrats — Bondi Wood and J. Scott Christianson — have already filed. A third Democrat, John Sam Williamson, also intends to file for the August 3 primary.

U.S. Senator Kit Bond visited Lincoln University in Jefferson City today. Bond was checking up on the school’s research and development of the Missouri Multi-Threat Detection Initiative. The single system has the ability to detect multiple chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats. Bond says he was taking the opportunity to learn about the system that will help protect soldiers.

“There’s a direct link between what happens on the battlefields in Afghanistan or Iraq and what’s happening here at home at our research laboratories. The fate of young men and women going in harms way is directly related to what the scientists and students here are doing.”

Bond says he secured two million dollars for the research and the development of the system.

Mid-Missouri florists will be on the MU campus this weekend putting a new spin on their artistic creations. They’ll be arranging fresh flowers to resemble their favorite works at the Museum of Art and Archeology. The exhibit is free.

For KBIA News, I’m Elle Moxley.

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